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Gordon The Hypnotist

One day Gordon was asked to speak at the Jewish Community Center in Maitland, Florida. After he spoke, he gave a demonstration of his abilities. He was told by a couple of ladies that he should speak to the gentleman standing in a corner, for if there was ever a saint, he was certainly it. They said that he would go to the hospital every day to sit all day by his wife who was in a coma.

Gordon went over to speak to him, and told him that he has success reviving people who are in comas. He did it for a young man "Dwight New" who was in a coma for seven years. The man was extremely delighted and seemed like a very good person to Gordon.

The next day he picked the man up along with a friend of his (Dave Otto) a biker and a very good healer. They worked well together. He instructed the man that he would have to put his wife in a wheel chair and check her out of the Nursing Home. So along they went on a new and strange journey.

Gordon did this three days in a row, and on the third day, his wife came out of the coma. Advanced senility was her diagnosis. The man was very happy and they were driving back to check her out of the Nursing home for good.

On the way back, Dave was driving, Gordon was in the passenger seat, and he was in the back seat with his wife.

Suddenly, this so called Saint, said, Sarah, guess what, I have been trying to tell you this for six years while you were in the coma. Listen carefully to me Sarah, I have big news for you.

He grabbed her by the cheeks and looked into her eyes and proclaimed " Do you remember that Nazi son of a bitch of a boss you had Sarah? The one you had an affair with? Well he died Sarah, the Son of a Bitch is dead, how do you like that.

Sarah immediately went into a coma again while Gordon yelled at the guy for using him like that, it was a very valuable lesson for Gordon and Dave as well. Now he tunes into the reason why someone may want their loved one out of a coma. Tragic.

A man came to Gordon's house one day and said he wanted a reading. During the course of the reading, Gordon felt he was concerned about his health, naturally being he was seventy years old. The man said that he was concerned about his eyes. He just had a test done on them to keep his license and failed the test. They were going to take his license away. His glasses were as thick as they could be. He was very upset about that because he wanted to drive to California to be with his daughter to spend the rest of his life there. He also owned many valuables he wanted to take in his car.

Gordon had an idea. He asked him how long had he been wearing glasses. The man said that he had worn them since he was fourteen years old. Gordon asked him if he could hypnotize him and take him back to that age. The man was willing, so he hypnotized him and took him back in time to the age of fourteen. He took the man's glasses off him and placed a phone book in his lap. He had the man open his eyes and start reading. The seventy year-old man that could not get stronger glasses could now read clearly. Gordon and Dave were in shock. He told the man that he was going to heal him.

Gordon had Dave there helping him. When he was hypnotizing him, Dave would place his hands on the man's eyes.

Gordon told him that his eyes would be healed and he would be fine. He told him to come back the next day for another session. The man left, and they did not hear from him for two weeks.

The phone rang.  It was the man's lawyer and he said that he was going to sue him for ruining the man's eyes - he was now near blind. Gordon told him to send him to an eye doctor and he would pay for it.  He agreed and the man came to Gordon's house in another week, he appeared happy.

He said that he did not believe that Gordon helped him and each day he would put his glasses on. They would make him dizzy and he would fall down. The doctor told him that there was nothing wrong with his eyes. He then told Gordon, (here is the kicker) "I never told you that my left eye was blind since birth, but now I have perfect vision in both of my eyes."

  Gordon Banta. All rights reserved.

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