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George Washington Carver

Later that year he met Ethel Walker and while walking through her house he saw pictures on the wall of her five children. He began to read each one of them accurately and went on to tell her of her husband who died as a pilot in the Air Force.

Gordon became interested in George Washington Carver, who influenced him to read Flowers.

Gordon picked up a book one day and it was a story about a little black man who would commune with nature. He went into the Forest one day around four in the morning. There, a flower spoke to him. It said, "Little Man" what are you looking for?" George replied, "Oh, Mr Creator, I desire to know what man is." The Flower laughed at him and told him he could never know what man is, "...so Little Man, ask a lesser question." George then asked, "What is the earth?" and he got the same reply. He went all the way down through the plant and mineral kingdom and ended up with the peanut. The flower told him the same thing "Oh little man, you could never know what a peanut is, but I will give you some of its uses." He received over 300 uses of the peanut. George later discovered synthetics and even used flowers to get the color out of them so that he could paint pictures. He could not afford to buy the paint. Such a beautiful soul he was or should I say "is".

Gordon would go to South Florida to do readings on a semi monthly basis.  There he made many friends including the woman and her daughter who booked him. One day in Orlando, just upon completing a class, a woman Gordon had read for came to him and asked him to come to her house. She said it was an emergency. When he got there she told him that her husband had contracted a job in Arabia, but had to go to California first for training. While he was there he met a woman and married her. When he ended up in Arabia the woman found out that he was already married in Florida before marrying her. She called the Arabian Government and told them that they employed a bigamist, a law punishable by death in Arabia. They jailed him pending an investigation. The month before this happened, there was a special on TV in the states called "Death of a Princess" it was a true story of a princess that had her head cut off because she committed adultery.

I asked her, "What does this have to do with me?" And she said that I was the only one that could talk some sense into this woman. Her husband would be killed. I said, "If I call this lady, she will think it is a set up and will not believe me."  She said "I know that, but you are the only person I know that can help me."

So he called her and the conversation went like this.

"I know you do not know me, but I am a psychic in Florida and I called to warn you not to do this thing." And she said "If you are a psychic, then prove it."

So Gordon tuned into her. He said I see you with long dark hair in braids, and you look like an Indian. She said go on, I am an Indian. Gordon paused and said "My wife gave me a book today to read and I feel a connection of you to the book. It is called "Hanta Yo".

She said she knews all about the book. Then he went on to say that he saw Universal Studios, and saw her as a model and an actress. She said "yes" to both and was making a version of Hanta Yo at Universal and it would be a TV series. It is a pilot. Gordon went on to tell her of something he felt was a coincidence. He said that the following week week he was going to Santa Fe, New Mexico to meet a guy named Ron Rakow, and that Ron was going to take him to Nevada to meet a Shaman named Rolling Thunder.

She said, Wow! What a coincidence." She used to date a guy named "Cadillac Ron Rakow, who was a producer for the "Grateful Dead years ago" and that Rolling Thunder was her spiritual Grandfather. (Coincidence?) Then when Gordon got off of the phone with an assurance that she would drop the charges he remembered that Ron Rakow was the former husband of the lady in South Florida. He was going to meet him in New Mexico with the daughter of that same woman in South Florida. It was his daughter as well. (Another coincidence?) By the way, Gordon does not believe in coincidences, even though he had the round robin phone call.

Since then Gordon has been on numerous radio and TV shows proving his skills.

He was involved with many criminal cases, including "John Wayne Gacy, and Ritchie the "Iceman" who is currently serving two life sentences as a hit-man for the mob, as well as "Son of Sam" a serial killer. One day in the late 70's, Gordon received a phone call from a private detective agency. They said they were searching for a missing person and was asked by the man's wife to see if he would get involved. He would have to fly to New Jersey. They told Gordon the man that was missing was a business man from Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania. He owned a warehouse there. He came to New Jersey to buy porno tapes. He was last seen in a diner in Totowa, NJ around five pm by his son. He told his son to go on home because he was meeting two men to buy some video tapes. He was never seen again.

So Gordon had them take him to the Diner. He sat where the missing man sat. He then had them drive him around. He would close his eyes and tell them which way to go. When he told them to stop, he said there should be a white warehouse on their left. There was. He said that he believed that the men took him there to show him the tapes, but decided to kill him instead and take his money and keep the tapes.

The next day Gordon had them rent a plane where they flew over the area. He felt that the man was at the bottom of a lake below them. It was Garrett Mountain Reservoir, Paterson, NJ.

The next day, the detectives unsure of exactly what to do next, took Gordon into the Prosecutors office, in Bergen County to see if he could identify the criminals. The prosecutor immediately threw Gordon out of his office, he said all psychics were fakes.

The detectives told the District Attorney to bring him back in and let him do psychometry on some of his past cases and see if he can do it or not. Psychometry is feeling the vibrations of others through touching an article. The prosecutor called Gordon in and handed him a closed file, and asked him what was in it. Gordon held it to his head and said he saw three men. Two of them had no eyes, ears, or tongues. They were thrown off of the George Washington Bridge and were stuck in the mud. He said it was because of an argument over drugs. The three men were in a bar and got into an argument and went outside. They walked down to the bridge, where one man pulled a gun and shot the other two. The DA was impressed. He said Gordon was exactly right, and that they had no eyes, ears or tongues because the fish ate them. And the third man was caught and sentenced.

Then the District Attorney asked Gordon if he would do him a favor, and he said "yes". He handed him another file. Gordon described a beautiful woman and what she was wearing. He went on to say that the woman was dead and that someone having something to do with teeth did the murder. The DA asked him if he knew where she was buried and he said she was thrown into a river and later pointed on a map to where she was. They found her in two days later exactly where Gordon showed them on the map. They had not gone after her right away because they still weren't sure.  The DA called Gordon in Florida and said that there was a thirteen state alarm out for her and they had found out that her ex boyfriend was a dentist. (Her father was the mayor of Hillside New Jersey). Case closed.  They arrested the ex-boyfriend who confessed to the slaying.

Meanwhile they went to the reservoir and pulled up several barrels with unidentified remains in them. While driving back to the city, about two miles from the lake there was a little store.  Gordon asked them to stop because he had a feeling about the store. As he entered the store, a very large man was coming out. Gordon told him that this was the man that murdered the people in the lake. After a long investigation and even longer trial, Ritchie the "Ice Man", reputed to be the biggest hit man in New York and Philadelphia went to prison. Close this case too.

Gordon has found many missing persons and objects as well.

Gordon was in New Jersey in 1977 and was asked to do a reading for a friend of his father. He had previously met the man's wife and gave her and his daughter a reading. He predicted that his daughter would become a model. 

When he arrived at Bob's house, he was asked if he would go down to the lake and sit on the dock to do the reading. Gordon felt that was fine. He did not care where he did the reading. When they sat down on the dock, Bob began the conversation by saying to Gordon that he knew the readings were just to please the women and that Gordon would just make things up to please them. Gordon replied t yes, that was true to Bob's amazement. He said "I knew it, you would just say anything to please these women." He then said look, let's just sit here and talk for an hour and then we will tell the women that I had one of those readings. I will praise you, and that will be the end of it.

Gordon said that is fine with him but could he ask him a question? Bob said he could. Gordon asked him if he was planning a trip to Canada to go fishing with a couple of the boys. Bob said, "Yes, did my wife tell you all of that?" Gordon said "yes", and she also told him that the plane was going to crash in the state of Maine.

Bob said "Did she tell you to tell me that?" Gordon said "yes" and she also told him that Bob was going to take the same woman with him to Canada, that he took to North Carolina the year before. Well, Bob nearly fell off of the chair because he knew that his wife did not know that. Gordon said "Do you believe me now?"

Bob said "yes", and Gordon replied, "Well the plane is going to crash in the state of Maine and you better not go or you will die." He did not go, and the plane did crash in Maine.

One day in Florida Gordon met a woman to give her a reading while in a hair salon. She was a senior vice president of Sun Bank. Gordon told her that on Monday morning in two days, she would enter a bank that she has not been in before. She would be there to look at some books. She would notice a man come into the bank, he would go over to the stand to make out a bank deposit. He would look around the room and walk out. He would come back in one hour and do the same thing, and then in another hour he would come back into the bank, make out a deposit slip, put on his hat, walk over to the teller and rob her. Gordon said that she would witness this whole event, but because she did not believe, she would sit there motionless. But she would be the one to have to call the police. It did happen that way, and a week later she called Gordon, apologized to him and than asked him if he knew who the man was. Gordon had told her that this was the seventh bank he robbed, and that he soon would be caught. He told her that the man was a professional golfer.

The same year, Gordon met a man who is a famous Astrologer. The man asked him to swap readings. Gordon did and told him that he saw his five year old son drowning in his swimming pool. He told him not to let the child stay home from school. That day, the child said he wanted to stay home, so they locked their gate to the pool. Later when they went out to find their child, he had went into the neighbor's pool and drowned.

Later that year, Gordon was in a house in New Jersey reading for a group of women. Her husband noticed that everyone was talking admirably about Gordon's readings. So he decided to get a reading, but first asked Gordon if he would read for a friend of his. Gordon did and told the man he saw him traveling around the country carrying out contracts. But after the eighteenth contract, they would be reversed, and the last contract would be for him. Gordon did not know it at the time but the man was a hit man for the mob. He quickly figured it out when the man became white and wanting to know more about the contracts. Gordon said that was all he knew, because he was treading on dangerous grounds.

The next morning while sleeping at his father and mother's house, his mother came over to him and woke him up. She said that there was a limousine outside and that a man was at the door saying his boss wanted to see him. Gordon became very nervous and a little frightened. He did not want his mother to know this however and got dressed and went out to meet this man.

It was the same hit man, and he told Gordon that he was going to drive him to the end of Greenwood Lake to a diner and give him breakfast, then take a ride and talk some more about the contracts. Gordon became real nervous, and thought that this was it, he thought that the man was going to rub him out because of what he knew. But it did not work out that way. The man gave him a thousand dollars, praised him for saving his life and wanted to know just when he should retire.

  Gordon Banta. All rights reserved.

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