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Gold Lake Ranch

In 1981 in Orlando, Florida while doing a lecture demonstration, Gordon saw a man in the back of the room. He told the man that he saw a place in the mountains, a pristine place high up. He also saw a Ranch with horses and told him that he saw another man, a tall man with reddish colored hair and mustache. Next, Gordon told him that he was going to fire this man because he was not handling his money the way he wanted him to.

After the demonstration, he approached Gordon and told him that he was accurate and wanted a more personal reading. So he followed Gordon home that night and Gordon gave him a reading. Gordon's reading showed he was going to have a son, be involved with airplanes and would fly all over the country. He told him that he felt he was on a mission, a mission to  be of service to mankind. That he will have friends and acquaintances all over the country and even knew movie stars.

Gordon told him that he would move out of the country for a while. He would go to Africa and discover gold. The man confirmed that he had indeed discovered gold while on safari. He just did not know how to get it out of the country as it was deep in the bush.

The man then asked Gordon if he knew anything about running a ranch and Gordon told him that he did have experience running a Ranch in New Jersey in the 60's. So he hired him to run his ranch in Colorado. (It was good timing for Gordon as he needed a respite from the Psychic and Spiritualist field anyway and this would be a good opportunity for Gordon to get away.)

This ranch was 9000 feet up into the Rockies. Gordon thought he was far away from the public eye and settled down to running this guest ranch. The first thing he noticed was that the horses were ill, and thin. He realized they were underfed, so he proceeded to fatten them up. He has an ability to talk to horses. He loved to sit by them while they were eating. Horses will put you into a meditative state when they are eating, if you just sit there quietly by them and relax.

In March of that year a group came to the ranch from Rose Medical Center which was a hospital in Denver. They came up for a retreat. While they were there, the head of the hospital kept telling Gordon that he had seen him somewhere and it would come to him in a day or so.

Gordon became nervous about that, having ran away from himself. But the show he did with Frank Anthony, "What's Happening America" with Shana Alexander was televised nationwide, and Gordon could not hide from that.

The head of the Hospital approached Gordon on a Thursday morning and told him that he remembers him from the show. He said that usually they have a mystery guest speaker each year at their annual conference or retreat, and this year the speaker called and said he could not make it.  So he wanted to know if Gordon would do it, After about the third request, Gordon said "yes".

Gordon spoke to the administrative staff and a small group of doctors. The chief administrator asked Gordon if he could hypnotize him, and he said, "Yes, of course."  When he hypnotized him, the whole group became hypnotized. When it was over one of the Doctors, the one that was very skeptical of this whole affair, raised his hand to speak to Gordon.

He said that he did not believe in anything like this and was very skeptical and angry that he even had to be present. He said he was very uncomfortable with being there especially because he had an impacted wisdom tooth, and was in very much pain.

When Gordon hypnotized the administrator, he said he went under too, and when he came out of it, the swelling was gone, and his tooth no longer hurt him. He thought it was a miracle of some kind, not knowing all he really had to do was to relax and his body would take care of it for him.

Needless to say, Gordon made a friend, in fact quite a few friends. When he went around the room reading people, Nurses, Doctors, and Administrators, he finally stopped in front of a man who sat there all night with a smile on his face.

Gordon said to him, you are not a doctor, nurse, or faculty. He felt that the man was an attorney and was about to face the biggest law suit of his entire career. Gordon did not know of this at the time, but he was, in fact, a lawyer. Gordon went on to tell him that he thought he was an attorney for the hospital, and the man said, "Yes that is correct." He said that the hospital would get sued for millions of dollars, but he could head it off. He told him that the hospital was using some sort of machine in the operating room, and that the machine was killing people.

Later he and several doctors and administrators approached Gordon and wanted to know more.

Gordon described the machine. It was a machine that administers anesthesia to people that are going to be operated on and they knew what he was talking about. They waited for funds for this machine for years. The next week they decided to tell the company that manufactured it what Gordon said.  The company then sent a crew to see if this was true. After testing the machine and saying there was nothing wrong with it the hospital decided to use it once again. Unfortunately the patient died during the surgery The hospital immediately called Gordon. He described the machine once again and told them it was a valve that was faulty. It read on the meters they were checking it with, that it was working fine, but it wasn't.

After correcting the problem, Gordon became a hero for the group. They gave him his own answering service and an office to be used at the facilities. He was called Dr. Gordon while there.

Later in 1983 the Ranch was sold and the Medical Center wanted to keep in touch with him. So they asked Gordon to come to another Ranch they booked for another conference. They hired Gordon to come and do a seminar, "How to use your own intuition" of which many of them attended. It was their way of telling him thanks, and good bye at the same time because he was moving back to Florida at the end of 1984. He believes that if you are in the right spot at the right time, good things will happen to you.

Just before taking over the Ranch, he met a drummer in a band. He told him that he had a blood clot in the back of his head. Gordon told him not to worry, he could remove it. He hypnotized him and the next day the clot was missing. He did it again periodically. Two years later, Sonny had a blood clot the size of a grapefruit in his forearm. The Doctor's told him that there was nothing they could do for him.  Sonny said, "That is ok, because I am going up to the Ranch in the mountains. There is a guy there that will get rid of it." The doctor's were amazed because in two days it was gone.

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