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 1981 --

Frank Anthony

In 1981, a TV show called "What's Happening America" with Shana Alexander as the hostess, ventured to Florida to prove that psychics and mediums there were frauds.

This national show's format was similar to 60 minutes or 20/20. In fact it won an Emmy in it's category, and the main reason was because of the episode about Gordon. Until now, Gordon has tried to keep somewhat hidden. His life was threatened on three different occasions and Gordon was not interested in fame and fortune. He has predicted numerous events around the world, but has chosen to keep quiet about it. He preferred to stay local, with his radio and TV appearances. They were safe enough.

Frank Anthony producer of "What's Happening America", from New York on WOR-TV was, at that time, the largest TV Station in the World. Anthony also produced the early version of the Oprah Winfrey Show, Wheel of Fortune, etc., and was investigating Banta to either exhibit, or expose him, and subsequently won an "Emmy" for his efforts,

While in Florida, the TV crew followed Gordon into his classroom. where he was teaching on the subject of Aura's. A couple walked over to Gordon before the class was to begin and in front of Frank, they asked Gordon if it was all right for their young son to join them in the class. They said their ten year old could sit in the corner while playing with his toy cars. Gordon immediately said that if they wanted him to sit in the class, then he had to sit like everyone else. Gordon believes that all people are psychic, especially children.

When the class was over, Frank Anthony went around the room interviewing people. He would ask them what they saw, if anything. When he came to the boy, he asked him "What is your name? The boy said "Freddie". His eyes were opened wide as he said it. And Frank said,  While Frank had the camera on the boy, Frank asked  "Did you see this Aura thing Banta was talking about?"  Freddie said "Matter of fact, I did".  Frank then said, "Come on Freddie...you can't expect me to believe you saw it, can you?" Freddie said "Yes and I can see his right now."

So Frank asked him what he saw. Freddie said he saw him going to Indiana to see three Pyramids, and Frank became wide eyed and said "What?"  Freddie then said that Frank was interviewing an Army General and was mad at him.

Frank now turned to the camera and said the show was being filmed in three segments with the first segment being about going to Indiana to interview a US Army General about spending a lot of money on the building of three Pyramids for experimentation and then just left them standing there. He was mad at the General for spending the money and abandoning the project with Taxpayers money.

This is when Freddie grabbed his arm and said to him, "I saw something else too." And Frank said "What?" Freddie said he saw Frank going to Israel. Frank said "Why am I going there?" Freddie said "You already went and you talked to Jesse James."

Frank was flabbergasted.  He proclaimed on TV that the third segment of this show was about a person in Israel that went around town dressed up like an American cowboy.' He terrorized the town and even pistol whipped some people. As he was talking, Freddie grabbed his arm and said, "I know something that you don't know" And Frank said "What"? Freddie said that "When you left Israel the towns people killed the cowboy".  Frank immediately went back in front of the TV and said that if this was true, he hadn't heard about it yet. The next day he found out that what Freddie had said was exactly true. So you see, kids are very psychic. Today, the same Freddie says he is not psychic. I guess he grew up and now disbelieves. Oh why do we have to grow up?

The next day, Frank told Gordon that the TV cameraman had the duty of lugging around heavy equipment but he never received the anything like a reading and asked Gordon if he would be willing to  read for him. Gordon looked at the cameraman (who was from New York and was taping the show in Florida)  and said "I see you getting married by a lake and there are many pine trees around the lake with a mountain behind it".  Gordon also said that he saw him buying a horse from a man that shoes horses - a blacksmith, or rather a farrier. He went on to describe the farrier accurately and also the barn where he was keeping his new horse.

When he asked him if he liked his reading so far, the man said yes, that he was, in fact, getting married at a place in New Jersey (70 miles from NYC) called Pinecliff Lake and that his Farrier was a tall man like Gordon described.  His name was Dave and the barn was A-L Ranch in Newfoundland New Jersey.

Gordon almost fainted. He grew up in West Milford, NJ around the corner from Pinecliff Lake. His brother, Dave, was a farrier and the Ranch had been run by Gordon twenty years earlier and called Circle B Ranch AND Gordon was the owner/operator there at the time.

They were all taken back by this seeming coincidence, and Frank immediately said "We cannot use this on the show, it looks like a setup."

Small World isn't it? It shows us another way that we are all connected, and if it weren't for this show coming to Florida, it may have never been known by either of them.

The fourth day of taping was to be done in Cocoa Beach, Florida but Gordon had a previous engagement. He was one of five speakers at a dinner party. It was put on by the Spiritualist Camp in Cassadaga. During the course of the dinner, each of the Spiritualist Mediums spoke to the audience and demonstrated their abilities.

Gordon was the last speaker, and just as he was introduced to the crowd of about 200 guests. The main door burst open and a large crowd of people came inside of the banquet hall. They were carrying banners from a near-by local church. They walked up close to the podium and began speaking one at a time. It seems that the local paper ran a story about the Spiritualists coming to speak, and about a man (Gordon) that could read Aura's.

So they blasted Gordon for not being a true Christian, and that only Christ could read Auras, and only he had an Aura. This carried on for about twenty minutes, and soon they prepared to leave.

That is when Gordon began to speak into his microphone. He said "Just a damn minute.  You came in hear and said your peace. Now it is my turn and you are not leaving until I have said my peace."

He pointed at a lady that had accused him of not being able to read Auras and he said, "You say I cannot read Auras? Well I can read yours, and it tells me that you have had five operations for cancer, and even now you are awaiting for the sixth operation."

Then he singled out the Minister of the group and said "Does your wife (pointing at the Pastor's wife) know that you are sleeping with this woman over here? (Pointing at another lady in the crowd)"

You could hear a dead silence as Gordon told them they could leave after embarrassing them. Gordon insisted that this part of the show should not be aired and Frank told him not to worry.  Frank said that he had such good footage that he was going to pay Gordon another thousand dollars and make him the co-producer of the show.  If there were any awards or accolades Gordon would also would share in them.

Anthony was quoted as saying, "Banta is a psychic on the rise".

About five years later when Gordon was back in Florida, he was filling up his pickup truck with gas when a man walked over to him and began to read Gordon the riot act. He expected that Gordon should know who he was and the reason why he was so mad. Gordon was puzzled. He could not remember who the man was because the man had shaved off his beard and looked different. A week later he remembered who the man was. The man was a medium in Cassadaga.  If you went to his house for a reading he would ask you to place a group of photographs upside down and he would read them.  When Frank Anthony had interviewed him a few years earlier for the, he said that this man could not perform. Frank assumed he was a fake, and Gordon then did the reading in the same way. Gordon explained to Frank that some psychics, or mediums, could not function well under the stress of a camera, but he could.

He read the three photographs accurately. One was a woman's picture of someone who worked at the station as a reporter. Gordon said the women was looking for a missing child and so was everyone else in that state. He told the woman where the child was and she found the boy. He had been kidnapped by his father and take to Va.

The next picture was of a man that worked behind the scenes, he was a very large man and would sometimes eat a sandwich at his desk. People would laugh at him because the sandwich would be all over him. He was a messy eater. It was Frank's boss.

The third picture Gordon said was of a man that wore red or had a lot of red in his aura. He liked children and would always be seen with a child on his lap. He lived up north where the weather gets  cold. The picture was of Santa Claus. When the other medium had seen Gordon's reading on the show, he thought that Gordon stole his act when all he was really doing was saving him from ridicule. Gordon never got to tell the person he had been was wrong about him.

  Gordon Banta. All rights reserved.

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