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Dali Lama

In the late 70's Gordon was driving to New Jersey from Florida. He was driving up with a friend named Gary Rodgers. While it was Gordon's turn to drive, he noticed Gary reading a book and asked him what was he reading. Gary said it is a book about weird places and happenings in all of the states. He said in New Jersey the have the first sighting ever by a white man of big foot.

They call him the Jersey Devil and he lives in the Pine Barrens, and is seen ever year. They now have a hockey team named after him.

As Gary read on he came to a page that said there is a town called Howell Township where there are at least 200 Mongolians living there. They came from Tibet and they have four Tibetan Temples there. Gary asked if we could go by there and so they went.

When they arrived at the first temple, a little Tibetan priest came out of the house and greeted them. They said they wanted to see inside of the Temple and the little man took them in. It was real colorful, and when they came out, Gordon said to the priest, now show me where the Lama lives. The Priest first said there was no Lama, but Gordon said he was a psychic and there is a Lama and he must show him where he lives. So the Priest told him.

When they arrived at the Lama's house, no one answered the door. So Gordon walked around the back of the house, it was a split level house and he noticed a fifty gallon drum by the back wall. He climbed up on it and pulled himself up to a window, there he was face to face with a very large man who angrily said what are you doing. Gordon was unfazed and said he must open the front door and speak to him.

The man was 6'5" and muscular. He said that the Lama was in New York and not home. Gordon looked at him and proclaimed that the Lama was home and somewhere in the house. The disciple said he would look, but was sure he wasn't home.

He came back to the Kitchen and said that he was not home, and Gordon immediately said that he was home and in fact was looking through a peep hole in the wall at him. He said he was not going to leave until the Lama came out.

So the Lama came out. Ha, ha.

He was a very little man, even shorter than Gordon who is only 5"2". He spoke to his disciple and said in Tibetan, what do we want and who are we. I told him that I was a psychic and Gary was my friend. Gary had a question to ask him first. He wanted to know if Tuesday Lobsang Rampa was for real? (Rampa) was a writer now living in Canada at the time anyway, and was supposed to be originally from Tibet. He was supposed to be a Tibetan Lama.

Well the Lame said he heard of him, but that was all he knew about him.

Then he asked the disciple  what Gordon was there for. Gordon looked at him and said he will not talk to him through an interpreter, he would have to speak in English, and the Lama laughed and said ok. What did Gordon want?

Well, Gordon did not know what he was there for, so he told the Lama he read Auras. The Lama said fine, read my Aura.

Gordon stared at him momentarily and then made a shocking statement. He said, In three months the 14th Dali Lama was going to come to this tiny town to visit him personally and he must be prepared to meet him. The Lama said that the Dali Lama never left India, and Gordon replied, He is now, he will be here in September. The Lama said that was a powerful message and he would be prepared.

He then asked his disciple to show Gordon and Gary the Temple. When they went inside, Gordon asked the disciple if there were certain steps to take  while inside and he said yes.   Gordon said that he would like to try it, if he was going to make a wrong step, would he stop him. He said yes. And when Gordon was done, he said how did I do? The disciple said you did real well, except you missed a step. You missed the thirteenth step. Gordon said no, there are only twelve steps and he did them all.

The disciple decided to let the Lama tell him, because he was insistent that there were only twelve. When the confronted the Lama, he looked up and said, Oh yes, when Gordon was a Lama, about 300 years ago, there was only twelve steps, now there are thirteen. He gave Gordon an autographed book in Tibetan I might add and it went like this:" From one Lama to the next Lama"

Three months later while traveling in New Jersey once again, the New York Daily News had as a headline story. The 14th Dali Lama is coming to New York, and they listed the itinerary, he was supposed to go to NY, Toronto, and then California. Howell Twsp was not on the list. But the next day they made a correction, the Dali Lama was now going to a town in New Jersey to visit with a Lama there. Is this spiritualism at it's best? or what? Was Gordon led to this town, and is there a connection with the Dali Lama? He tried to contact the Dali Lama recently by way of his web site, but they never answered back. Oh well.

  Gordon Banta. All rights reserved.

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