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Cruise to Panama

In the summer of 1986 I was asked to go on a cruise. The former ambassador from Valenzuela to the US was buying a yacht and I was asked to work on it to get a free cruise.

He was taking the yacht to Vancouver, BC. We hit a storm on the way from Florida to Panama. It was so bad that we pulled into Cuba. No one there bothered us for anchoring off the Cuban coast. When we were in Cuba we had major repairs to the boat and had to wait for parts. So I hung out in Panama. One day I went to the beach with a guy from the boat named Ralph. He was with his newly found girlfriend who was from the Dominican Republic.

The three of us were on the beach and I decided to take a nap. Three young girls came over to us and were speaking to Ralph's girlfriend. As I slept, one of the three women kneeled down beside me and grabbed my hand. I woke up and she asked to see the emerald ring I was wearing.  I slipped it off, thinking that she was a friend of Ralph's girlfriend's and I fell back to sleep.

When I woke up I realized that the three were gone and so was my ring. I told Ralph to ask his girlfriend where her three friends went. She told him they were not her friends and she did not know them.

I jumped up and said, "They stole my ring." Ralph said "Then you won't get it back." I said "I was going to get it back." I called a cab and Ralph went with me. I instructed the cabby to drive to Panama city about 25 miles away. Ralph told the cabby what I was going to do.

They both said that it was impossible to find them in Panama City. There were to many people living there. It was like "looking for a needle in a haystack".  I said that I was going to find the girl and asked them to stop talking. I told the cab driver "Turn left went down that street for awhile".  Then I told him Go down another street". We rode around for awhile.  Suddenly I told him to stop the car.  I said "She is up there pointing at the second floor above a store." There was a group of apartments on a busy downtown street and had a guard sitting by the door. They both said that I could not get by the guard.  I said "I will" and ran up the stairs. The guard looked up at me, I stared in his eyes, he looked away, and I went right inside.

I walked down the hall to about the fifth apartment. I went to knock on the door when it suddenly opened .  The girl was carrying a basket of clothing on her way to the Laundromat. She looked at me and said, "How did you find me?"  I grabbed her finger, took off the ring and said "I told you I was psychic, damn it". And I walked off. But the truth of the matter was, I did not tell her that, and did not know why I said it in the first place. But I had my ring back.

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