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Wallace Black Elk

During the last days at the Ranch in 83, Gordon was giving someone a reading. After walking his client to her car, they noticed a tall Indian standing in the parking lot talking to his crew. His name was Wallace Black Elk.

Wallace is a Chunupa, a pipe carrier for the Lakota and medicine man as well. He asked Gordon if he could cut some cottonwood trees to do his Sun-Dance with. Gordon told him that cottonwood didn't grow in this high elevation, but he had plenty of lodge pole pine and would give him all he needed. Wallace reciprocated by inviting Gordon to his "Sweat Lodge" for a purification ceremony. He said he could come and bring anyone else that wanted to come.

While there, he noticed that Wallace's wife had her arms propped up by two branches, and she appeared in pain. When it was time to go into the lodge, Gordon said he would go in the lodge for the next round. When he was alone with Grace Spotted Eagle, Wallace's wife, he asked her what was wrong. She said she had twelve blood clots, very large ones under her arms, on her back and stomach and that the white doctors could not help her.

Gordon said that he did not want to go against anything the Lakota were doing, but he felt he could help her. She said she would gladly let him do what ever he wanted to do to help her.

Gordon hypnotized her, did a healing on her and the next morning her clots were all gone. Needless to say, Gordon became a life long friend of Wallace Black Elk.

One day Wallace told Gordon that he wanted to go up to this extinct volcano to get basalt which is a volcanic rock. It burns very hot and unlike Granite, it will not explode if it gets to hot. He wanted this Basalt for his Sweat Lodge. So Gordon offered to drive him up there in his truck, not knowing at the time that the mountain Wallace wanted to go to was 200 or so miles from Denver.

While driving there, Wallace sang his songs. He did not know it at the time, but each song was for a specific reason. He was singing to the Great Spirit, to the mountain itself. He sang songs to the winged, four legged, the little creepy and the crawlies. He sang to the stone people, and the plant people. He told Gordon that we are only visitors to this mountain, and we needed permission from the mountain and it's inhabitants to not only go there, but to remove the basalt stone.

So when they arrived they did a ceremony, tied tobacco ties to the bushes and trees as offerings.

When he was done they began to gather up the basalt. Gordon told Wallace that a herd of deer were coming down the mountain towards them. Wallace said not to pay any attention to them, because we are their guests. All afternoon while they worked to load the truck with these stones, the Mule Deer sniffed their hair, and pockets, and just hung out all day. It was a valuable lesson for Gordon.

When they were done, it was about four o'clock and getting late. As Gordon started to back up the truck with its heavy load, he said "look at these crazy deer.  They are even putting their heads inside of the window. He was not paying attention to where he was backing up to, and all of a sudden they were dangling over the cliff with one wheel. They were surely stuck. Slowly they got out of the truck hoping it would not tip over. Here they were on top of a mountain with no houses or people in site for several miles. Wallace began singing his magical songs.

They sat there for about fifteen minutes and all of a sudden a truck was driving up the mountain, it was a wrecker. What a break!

They waited for him to show up, and about a half hour later the driver appeared and told them that his truck could not make it up that mountain because he did not have four-wheel drive. But he was going on over this mountain to the place where his friend lived and he owned a farm tractor. He was sure he would come and pull them loose and he did about an hour later. Luck? No way, Spiritual guidance, that is what it is.

It taught Gordon a little more about Shamanism. About ten years later Gordon was living back in Florida. He had a group of students and was embarking on a canoe trip down the Peace River on the west coast of Florida. It was a two day trip and they would camp out the first night on a small island on the River. When they were trying to set up camp they were invaded by mosquitoes. There were so many that it was nearly impossible to be outside. Most escaped to their tents.

Gordon and Lisa walked into the woods, he hung some tobacco ties, placed some food to the animal and insect spirits, as well as to the island itself. When they came out of the woods they told their friends to come on out of their tents, everything would soon be fine. Although Gordon did not know exactly how they would be fine. They stood by the campfire trying to avoid the mosquitoes. All of a sudden, about 300 dragonflies came swooping in, and about twenty minutes later, all of the mosquitoes were eaten by the dragon-flies. A valuable lesson learned  from Wallace Black Elk, Medicine man, Shaman, of the Lakota.


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