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1992 --

Black Bear

In 1994 or 95 Gordon was coming home after watching a softball game in Longwood, Fl.  Lisa and some of the other girls from her softball team were behind him following him on his motorcycle. He was coming over a bridge in Sanford on Interstate 4 at eleven at night, traveling about 70 miles per hour.

Suddenly a 450 lb. black bear jumped over the guard rail right into Gordon's path. He hit the bear so hard, that the bear flipped and spun around. Lisa ran over the bear but it was a miracle that Gordon hit the bear the way that he did because Lisa could have been killed as the bear would have gone through the  windshield of her little Subaru as it would have have scooped him up into the windshield.

Meanwhile, Gordon's bike only swerved a little and he never stopped. Sometimes if you hit a small squirrel, you could fall down on your bike.

The bear encounter bent the steering wheel, the brake pedal and pulled all of the wires off, and yet Gordon never fell down. It was as though a miracle happened. Gordon said he felt Lone Wolf  was on the bike with him and saved him from falling. This would have been disastrous because Gordon is a diabetic, and falling down on a bike going 70mph could have been disastrous. Thanks again, Lone Wolf, and thank the Bear too because he had a mission. His spirit went inside of Gordon to give him strength and healing. He didn't know it at the time, but he had three clogged arteries and later found out that his arteries never really developed are the size of a baby's.

A few years later when Gordon needed emergency surgery, he died four times on the table. The doctors told him that the surgery really didn't work because of the artery problem.  He still has a blocked artery because they only fixed two of the three-and barely fixed the two.  It looks like the bear is there keeping him alive.

When Gordon had a TV Show called "Vision Quest" a woman called in for her free reading. Gordon told her that he saw her buying a house in Atlantic City and buying a house in Orlando, Florida. Gordon's show was in New Jersey at the time.. The lady fearful that Gordon was totally wrong with her reading, started to whisper on the air over the phone, please Mr. Banta, I am on welfare and live in a small house.

Gordon paused, and for a brief moment thought he was totally wrong with his reading and started to whisper back to her while live on TV.  "Please do me a favor and go into the kitchen and on the table is your pocket book. Open it up and remove last weeks lottery ticket because you won. She (along with her uncle) won seven million dollars!

Later while meditating, he asked Lone Wolf why this happened. He told him that the Bear traveled 80 miles that day to meet him. His spirit jumped inside of Gordon. He would need it soon for healing. Five years later, Gordon nearly died and had several near death experiences while being operated on for heart surgery. I guess the bear came through for him.

Around 1978 Gordon was sitting in his home and glanced at his daughter saw a large Indian standing behind her.  His name is Ouray the Owl, and was a Ute Indian from Colorado.  Ouray the Owl said that in the near future she will be in danger around her car, but not to worry, when this happens she should just call on him and he will come to her aid faster than the speed of light.

About two weeks later she was on her way home from a night out with the girls. Teresa was about seventeen years old at the time. Someone ran her off of the road, came over to her car, opened her door, and hit her in the face, pulled her out of the car and proceeded to drag her across a field. He was going to rape her. But Teresa remembered what Ouray said and called out his name. All of a sudden, the man stopped hitting her and said he was sorry. He did not know what he was doing. He quickly ran away, and left Teresa only with a few bruises. Ouray saved her life.

One day while in South Florida talking to a group of woman, Gordon was talking about how Lone Wolf saved his life, and even came to the aid of his wife. One of the lady's daughters was sitting there and disbelieving what she was hearing. She was about fifteen years old.

A week later while the girl she was home alone, (her mother was out on a date with her boyfriend) at about 2 a.m. the doorbell rang. She looked through the peephole and saw a friend of her mother's. She opened the door unwisely, and the man said, "Liz, you have to come out to see what I bought for your mother for her birthday.  She will be really surprised." So Liz went out to his car and he opened the trunk so Liz could look into it. When she looked in, the man grabbed her from behind and dragged her across the street onto a little league field. He started to pull her clothes off.  Liz could not remember Lone Wolf's name at first, so she called my name out loud to come to her aid.

Then a strange thing happened just before the man made penetration. The girl's brother had borrowed her car a week earlier. Suddenly he woke up, told his wife that he had get Liz's car home to her right away.  Without thinking, he ran out of the house and drove two miles to Liz's house just in time to stop the man from raping her.  He did this at 2 a.m. without his wife even thinking to stop him. So you see, we always have protection, we just have to remember to call on spirit to help us. It was not I that helped her, I was not aware that this was evening happening. Spirit did it.

Gordon was asked by Lisa to channel her brother and if could he do it? Gordon said to just sit there and he would see. He closed his eyes and went into a trance.  He suddenly grabbed Lisa, putting his hands over her mouth, and holding the back of her head so she could not breathe. Then he said to her, "How do you like that Liza, Coliza, Jane?" Her brother used to do that to her when she was little. He would tease her constantly. He was killed in 1985 in an auto accident while he was only 21 years old.

Lisa would call Gordon and ask him how her brother was and if he was he growing in leaps and bounds. Gordon would always tell her how he was growing. Sometimes she would call him up late at night to do this. Gordon was getting a little annoyed about it, and said that her brother has not grown much lately.  He was on a lesser rung that Gordon was. He only wanted her to stop bothering him about this. Little did he know, that he aroused a prankster to get even with him.

One night he had a dream about a beautiful lady coming into his life. He had the dream every night for a week. He could not shake it. One night his friend Art asked him to go to a Sprint 2000 meeting with him.  The place was crowded. Gordon had to go to the men's room and when he got up, he was suddenly face to face with the woman of his dreams. She yelled out loud, oh my God, the man I have been dreaming about. Gordon was so nervous he did not know what to say. He quickly excused himself and went to the men's room to gain his composure.

When he looked into the mirror, there was Lisa's dead brother looking and laughing at him. He said "so, I am below you on the ladder am I? What do you think now, and by the way, let me see you get out of this one.

Gordon felt like he was floored. He did not know what to say to the woman and that he had to go home. She said no, she would not let the man of her dreams get away from her, so she was not letting him go. It took Gordon a lot of smooth talking to get out of this one. So you should not say things that aren't true, they will always catch up with you. And you should not mess with spirit, they are wiser than we are. A very good lesson for Gordon.

  Gordon Banta. All rights reserved.

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