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Trip to Colorado

Back in the seventies after my experience with saving my former wife's life, I was on a trip traveling with Mickey Ryder. We were taking a load to Denver, Colorado. When we were traveling through Kansas, Mickey said to me,

"You know you owe me big time don't you?" I looked at him and laughed because I knew something was coming out of this conversation. Something that I did not want to do.

He said there is a book under my pillow in the bunk. If you read that book from cover to cover, I will wipe the slate clean.

The book was "How to develop your ESP, by Suzie Smith"

He was trying to convince me of ESP, even though I had the experienced this with Gracie I was still not doing anything about it. He wanted me to delve further into the psychic world. (Yet, later on in life, he never got into it himself, and even later on in life denied that it existed) but here he was -  pushing me into the psychic world.

I began reading the book and at first was not to interested in it. Then I read that Suzie was afraid of flying. She said that whenever she would board a plane and when she was seated, she would visualize a white light surrounding her, everyone else on the plane, and the plane itself. When I read that, a light went off in my head.

I suddenly knew everything she was talking about. I knew about ESP, and anything else she mentioned in the book. After that, I was "on fire" trying to read everything I could get my hands on.

Then one day I read a book about Bonnie Ann Gehman, who was a medium in Cassadaga, Florida. Cassadaga is a spiritualist camp where about 200 spiritualists reside. Bonnie Ann warned the astronauts not to fly or go up because she saw flames and smoke. They were the ones that died inside of the space capsule when it caught fire.

It seemed like everything I read about psychic abilities, I would have an instant knowledge about it. Later when I went to Cassadaga to develop my mediumship, I would also learn as much about psychics as I could. My teacher told me that there was no room for mediums and psychics to reside together. He would tell me to drop such things. Yet, in the spiritualist manual, it would accept psychometry, aura's and having such abilities. I saw an immediate conflict. Yet I persisted in becoming a Spiritualist medium and minister. I was ordained into spiritualism in 1976, the same month my teacher died. In fact, the same week.

While I was learning about Spiritualism, I would gather some people together to learn about psychic abilities.

No one ever taught me how to read Auras or to do psychometry.  I just seemed to know how. I didn't know until I would speak to others, then this knowing would come to me. In other words, I would gather people together as a class, and ask them what they wanted to learn next week. I would say, "Let's learn how to read cards", and next week I would talk about how to read cards. Sounds crazy, but I would actually go into a trance like state and start talking. They would learn how to read cards, but the best thing about it was that I would learn to read cards, or psychometry, read flowers, voice, eyes, auras, candles, tea leaves, coffee grounds, clouds, fire readings. Each week it was something different.

I realized that the classes were not really for them.  They were for me. I soon realized that I could read anything or any medium. But what I really realized is that I must have done this before in a past life. Then a few years later, I had the experience of who I was in my past life.

This is why I love being a psychic.  It has taught me so much about who I am, why I am here, where I am going. But more importantly, it taught me how to give to others - to teach them something also, even if they did not immediately use these things perhaps in the next life they would.

You have to develop your abilities in order to become who you really are. You must become aware of who you are, why you are here, and where are you going.

  Gordon Banta. All rights reserved.

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