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In 1987 I went to New Jersey to do a TV Show. While I was there, the show was swamped with callers, so they asked me if I would like to relocate and do my own show. I quickly replied, "Yes, I would" so off I went and moved again to New Jersey. That was the beginning of the end of my marriage. My wife did not want to travel anymore, so we divorced.  We were already separated, so it became apparent that this was the end. I did not have a fight with her, we separated as friends and she is still my very good and dear friend. I will always love her, she is the mother of my children.

The Show was called "Vision Quest", I went on to do another show in a different town called "The Gordon Banta Show" but Vision Quest was my favorite. I had numerous good experiences while on that show which lasted about three years.  I ended it, not the station. I wanted to move back to Florida to be near my youngest son, who was growing up without his Dad to be with him.

While on the show I met a delightful family and they became good friends of mine. Their names were Ron and Kim. One Saturday night while visiting them at their home, the phone rang. It was Kim's father, calling and he said her mother just fell down a flight of stairs.  It looked bad, and he was waiting for the ambulance.

I told them to go ahead.  I would watch their children and to call me if there was any news.

The next day, Kim called and said she was coming after her children and her mother was in a coma. I told her that I would come and help her mother and that I could bring anyone out of a coma (unless there was too much brain damage).  Kim said that all of her relatives were coming, along with her father's friends from work, and they would all be there at the Hospital. It would not "look good" to have a psychic there doing hypnosis and that it was too soon.

The next day Kim called again, I asked her if I could come in to the Hospital yet, and she said it was still too soon.

On Tuesday she called again, and when I asked her if I could come into the Hospital, she said "No, it was too late". The Doctor was going to take her mother off of life support the next day at 9am because she is now brain dead.

This is when I got mad at Kim because she had been too embarrassed to have me there. Her father had a prominent position with the Associated Press and she felt it wouldn't look good for him. I told her I was upset, and that she had to let me in there 6am tomorrow. She agreed, but I could feel her nervousness.

When I arrived at the Hospital, I told her to not let anyone in the room until I was done. She asked me what was I going to do. I replied, "I am going to hypnotize her", and Kim quickly asked, "How can you hypnotize someone who is brain dead?"  I said firmly "Who is going to stop me? She can't. And you won't, so let me do it." She agreed.

I took Norma's hand, it was cold and lifeless. I said to her--"Norma! Listen to me. We are going to take a walk down through the fields, just hold my hand and it will be a great journey.  Norma, look at those green pastures, it is so beautiful", and in my mind, we ran down through the green pastures. Then I said, "Norma, look at that pond down there. It is so still and beautiful. Let's go by it." We did, again in my mind, I visualized all of this and repeated what I saw out loud. We went by the water and it was so still and peaceful, and then I said out loud, "Norma, look at that escalator on the other side of the pond. It is made out of crystal and is so beautiful! Let's go and get on it." So we ran over to the escalator. Then I said to her, "Norma, I cannot go on this escalator with you. You must go on it, and then you will be able to come back and help your husband, son, and daughter." So I raised my other hand and waved to her, and said, Good bye." I then let go of her hand. Her daughter Kim thought she just witnessed a crazy scene.

A few days later I attended her funeral. The pastor was a woman who did the eulogy. She was speaking and all of a sudden you could feel a cool breeze come into the church. Nearly everyone felt it. The Pastor stopped talking and looked up. She then said that Norma was there and wanted her to read a passage from the Bible.  It was the 23rd Psalm. "As I walk through the green pastures by the still waters", it sent chills through out my body. "He restores my soul, He guides me down the path of righteousness, in his name's sake, even though I walk in the shadow of the valley of death, I will fear no evil". I thought, "My God, I was leading her to her death! This is why she had the minister read this passage out loud. It was for me! I had no way of knowing what I did. I just trusted what I was getting and passed it along to her.

Kim, her father and brother turned around to look at me with amazement. Norma had told them of what I had did. I felt close to God that day, because I again know that I was led to help Norma. What a great feeling I had. And from that day on,I always look to help people that are dying or who just died. I sometimes will look in the obituary column and call on that person and lead them to a better place.

It came to me that when most people die, they become either frightened, disoriented, and sometimes don't even know they are dead. They become very afraid and do not open their eyes in the spirit world at first. I also believe that you should not cremate a person until the third day of their death. Because the person hovers near their body for three days and contemplates their past life. It goes like this.

When you begin to die, you descend out of your body. You do not ascend. You start out at the crown chakra and descend down to the sixth chakra (brow). There your life passes before you. You see everything you ever did or didn't do. Then you descend down into the fifth chakra the throat. There you voice your opinions about what you did or didn't do. (Remember this before I go further.) At the beginning of your descent, the light always comes to you. All you have to do, is to enter into the light. But most people do not feel worthy and turn away from this all encompassing light. So they continue in their descent.

Next is the fourth Chakra (heart).  You then have the opportunity to love yourself completely.  If you don't you will descend further. If you do not forgive yourself at this chakra, then you cannot go into the light until after your death.

The third chakra is your solar plexus chakra. It rules your emotions. You will have deep emotional feelings about your past life, either good or bad.

The second chakra (spleen) rules the sex glands. This is when you review your sexual life. And either except or reject your past deeds.

This is the last chakra or the 1st chakra(root) It covers your nervous system. When you enter here you die of this earth. But now you are reborn into the spirit world. But this is when you sit by your body and contemplate your past deeds. You may have nightmares or great feelings of remorse. You will feel the loss of your loved ones. Their grief becomes your grief. Only it will be  worse for you because they have others to lean on. They can either get a drink or eat or do something to hide their grief. You do not have a body anymore so your grief or emotions are many times worse. You may at many different times try to get back into your body. Your body is without life and rejects you, causing more grief. However, if someone comes to your rescue and leads you out of your grief, you will have a peaceful passing and move into the spirit world and even possibly the light like Norma did.

I had helped others like Norma before her, but never did I have a confirmation like this one.

So if a loved one passes, do not cry and grieve but help them into the light. Talk to them, reassure them, sooth them. They deserve it. And so do you. By helping them, you are ultimately helping your self.

Another time, about a few years after that happened, I was asked to help a minister who was dying. I told a friend of mine that I would help her father and promised to come to the hospital the next day. I was supposed to be there around 2pm but did not make it until about 3pm. When I arrived she greeted me and told me that the minister had just died. He was in the operating room at the time but had died before they could do surgery.

I asked her if I could go and see him, and she said, "Yes". When I was standing before him, he was stretched out on the table. "He was a big man." I thought while I was gazing at him. Then I saw something. I asked his daughter if I could be alone with him and she said "Yes".

I placed my hand on his stomach and told him to relax. I felt him trying to get back into his body. I closed my eyes and saw him being a little frightened. He could have gone into the light but felt unworthy. I told him that he was worthy. He was a good person and he should just relax and let me lead him into the light and he must do it for his family.

Most people that feel this way won't go into the light, but if you tell them to do it for their loved ones they almost immediately do.

As soon as I felt him ascending into the light, I heard bells ringing. When I later told his daughter what happened, she said that her father always told her that when the angels are near bells will ring. Another good ending.



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