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Psychic helps others tap own powers
Times-Call Staff Writer

One of man's inherent traits is his curiosity about the future.  Who among us wouldn't jump at the chance to shatter the mystery and uncertainty of what our future holds.

Gordon Banta says he can teach anyone to use their "innate ability" to see into the future.  A former truck driver who is now known as "the man with the third eye" Banta conducts Vision Quest Seminars in Boulder to help individuals focus on their own psychic abilities.

Those expecting the stereotypical trances, crystal balls or swami clothing usually connected with psychics will find that Banta is as "normal" looking as the next guy.  The only thing extraordinary about this soft-spoken, curly haired, barrel-chested man are his eyes - so clear and blue they're almost transparent.  He has an uncanny ability to visibly move his eyes in and out of focus during conversation as he concentrates on a person's auras, future or vibrations.

He maintains that all humans possess psychic powers but are either unaware of them or choose not to tune into them.

"Everyone on this planet possesses an intuitive mind," he said. "Intuition is the basis for psychic ability."

"My classes are designed to show people the door to improving their psychic abilities," he said. "It's up to them whether they want to open that door."

Besides seeing the future, Banta said he reads auras, eyes and voices, and can give life readings - past, present and future.  He said he is a hypnotist who uses the art only for self-improvement and for better health.

Banta also says he uses psychometry (meaning "measure of the soul"), which is the ability to pick up vibrations from inanimate objects to give readings about the owner of the object.

A former truck driver who gave up his job 10 years ago to devote himself to psychic self-improvement, Banta speaks with an accent that blends his native New Jersey with a touch of the New York cab driver.

He said he had psychic experiences while growing up in New Jersey, but did not realize what they were.  But he said everything suddenly clicked one day, when, while on the road, he experienced and overwhelming feeling that his wife was ill back home in New Jersey.  Banta said he followed his instincts and hurried home to find his wife gravely ill in a coma.

From that time on, Banta said he sought to understand his psychic abilities.  By 1974, after devouring nearly every book written on psychic phenomena, he gave up everything and moved to Florida to study with a psychic master.  Two years later, he was certified by the master. "It was the first time I ever saw any meaning in my life." he said.

Banta is careful not to label his abilities a gift. "It's not a gift, like a talent," he said.  "Psychic ability is a part of you.  It is simply using the creative side of the mind."

The creative mind is also the "feminine" mind he said.  "Our conscious mind is on the left side of the brain connected directly to the body's nerves.  This is the masculine, positive and electrical part of the brain."  The right side of the brain is "the feminine side, the electromagnetic side," he said.

"Everyone possesses this feminine mind which controls intuition," Banta said. "So to me there is no such thing as 'women's intuition'. It is something we all have.  The funny thing is that 90 percent of all famous psychics are men who have learned to use the feminine area of the mind.  For women this is an everyday thing. But when a man becomes aware, people suddenly think it's an incredible feat."

As Banta teaches in class, people can tap their own psychic awareness if they will relax and let the information from the feminine intuitive mind flow, he said. "Our subconscious mind knows everything," he said. "It is constantly receiving thoughts. It is all there for us to use."

Banta said people are most fascinated with predicting the future. "I think that's because people always want to know more about themselves," he said. "They're naturally interested in themselves and excited to hear what another has to say about them.  It's especially helpful when people can hear the positive aspects about themselves and their life. It's very beneficial."

He cautions that nothing is absolute in the future, however. "What I see at a given time is where you are now and what you are creating.  People do have control over the future, " he said.  "Reading is mainly a way to find answers and guides for the future."

Banta said that by reading auras, he can better understand personalities.  According to him, auras or combinations of light, emanate around the body.  Auras come in seven different colors, he said, and the hue of shade of the color indicates a person's personality or feelings.

It takes training to pick up on a person's aura, he said. "We're trained from birth to see in three dimension only," he said. "Auras are not of the third dimension, so it takes training to be able to see them."  Although a person's aura changes from day to day, certain colors are in predominance, he said.

Your aura never hides anything," Banta said. "Knowing and reading auras can help a person pinpoint and deal with mental, physical or emotional problems."

Psychic's telephone readings ring true
Times-Call Staff Writer

"He shucked his truck for psychic bliss." "The third eye sees." "Banta is a psychic on the rise."

These are some of the headlines from articles written about Boulder psychic Gordon Banta.  Interesting.

But consider this:  Banta says he is 85 to 90 percent accurate on phone readings.  He tunes into the vibrations of a person's voice over the telephone and can describe their basic looks; give them their age within a year; what their physical surroundings are."

Impressive, but could it be true?

I intended to find out.

Banta had no idea I would contact him to set up an interview for a feature story.  We had never met nor spoken to each other before.  After we settled on a time and place for our meeting, I posed the question.

Is it true you can give accurate readings over the phone?

Banta paused a moment, replied in the affirmative and then confessed he had a terrible cold and had a headache - all of which could affect his accuracy.  Sure, I thought.  But he agreed to give it a try.

I volunteered no information answering his questions with a simple yes or no.  I wasn't going to make this easy for him.

Within a few minutes, Banta was telling me things about myself that I doubt anyone would know.  Such as my life-long dream to be a singer.  He accurately described my appearance, my age, my birth month, color and size of my eyes - even a weight problem.

He accurately noted that I have three children.  He told me their genders, ages, talents and hobbies - and was right. Banta described my husband right down to a thinning (well actually balding) head, the knee and ankle injury he suffered and the recent surgery required as a result of playing high school sports.

He accurately told about the past and then went on to the future.  At the conclusion he apologiezed for not being as "sharp" as usual.

I was convinced. And impressed.

At the interview a few days later, Banta astounded others in the newsroom with the accuracy of his predictions.  City Editor, Steve Krizman's skepticism was shaken a little when Banta accurately described his wife's difficulties with her pregnancy.  He also was pleased to hear he would be the father of a boy.

Using psychometry, a process of reading while holding an object belonging to an individual, Banta foretold that Lauren Lehman, the newspaper's executive editor, would buy a car.  At that very moment, unknown to any of us in the room, Lehman was test-driving a car.

I suggested that he was "gifted" but he brushed that aside.  Everyone, he said, can do the same with practice.

To prove it, within a few minutes he had me looking at auras, the light that he said emanated from all living things and fives insight into a person's personality and emotions.  Around Gordon Banta I perceived a glow that radiated calm, peace and love.

Still skeptical?  Banta can be reached at 781-598-4768 Home  781-526-7424 Cell.


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