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What is a Psychic anyway?

This is an excellent question. Most psychics do not know what a psychic truly is. Some think of themselves as Fortune Tellers, Mystics, Seers, Wise Men or Women etc.

I could go on and on, but I must explain it the way I know it. This most certainly may be in conflict with some of my colleagues, but this is the way that I see it.

First of all, the word psychic comes from the Freudian word "psyche". Psyche means the "mind". Psycho means "soul". So the word psychic comes from these words meaning Mind or Soul Mind. And both are true.

A true psychic is someone who thinks with his true mind. Not his conscious mind, but his sub-conscious mind, which is the psychic mind. In order to be a psychic, you must be sensitive to vibrations of thought, sound, ideas, and images in your head. You must be sensitive to others. Sensitive to how they think, feel, act, and re-act. You must be alert to the images swirling around in your head and to all new ideas that come crashing into your mind.

All ideas are psychic thoughts. Psychic thoughts are ideas or images of something you did not know previously.  They are thoughts that you did not know before - anything new that flows into your mind. All old thoughts are just memories and have no value. Anything new that comes into your head is real. Of course you don't know they are real, and sometimes they may sound crazy to you. This is because you don't have any relationship with them.

When I am reading a person, I shut out all memories. So that is why it is a good thing to read someone that I don't know. There are no memories. All conscious thoughts are just memories - something that I have learned in my travels through life.

What I seek is something I don't know about the person. I then say what comes to me. I must have tremendous faith in what I am getting, otherwise I won't say what I see or feel, or imagine in my mind. It takes much faith in oneself to express the unknown. When you are reading a person psychically, you are reaching into the unknown. If it is known, then it isn't psychic. If it is known, then it is my own conscious mind, and it will be wrong every time. Most psychics are as good as they believe in themselves. Most don't. That is why they are wrong or become wrong in the reading.

When I read a person, I do not allow what I see with my eyes to tell me anything. I try not to focus upon what I see in this manner. So what is it that I do?

In the beginning, I would close my eyes and say whatever came into my mind's eye. Now to me, what I was saying did not make any sense. This is because what I was saying wasn't about me. It is about the person I am reading and I do not know anything about the person.

It is best that I know absolutely nothing about the person. Of course since I developed this insight, I can now read people I do know. How do I perform this way? By shutting out any knowledge of the person and opening up my intuitive mind to whatever comes to me.

I may see something, feel, hear, sense, or even smell something. Whatever it is, I just let it come to me. I just let it flow. The secret is in the letting. Never in the doing. Doing comes via the conscious mind. Letting is the subliminal mind. The subconscious mind.


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