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Revised: July 12, 2006 .


1955-- At the age of 17 Gordon joined the Navy, he was on the USS Haynsworth, DD 700 for a little over a year. He was injured while home on leave. He was beaten up in a gang fight where he suffered a severe concussion, and a broken back. He was in the Hospital from Dec 1956 until May 1958. And later in 58 he went back into the Hospital for six more months. (US Naval Hospital, St Albans, Long Island, New York.

1958 --

He was shipped to Brooklyn Naval Shipyard to await evaluation on his condition at the BOQ (Batchelor Officers Quarters).  He was still using a cane and still had back problems. He was asked to do light duty, to actually do book-keeping for the Officers Mess, (Officers galley, where they served food to the officers). The next series of events were directly opposed to his condition.

One morning he woke up to hear a group of guys laughing and playing cards, who happened to be black, they were the stewards who served the officers. He sat down at the table and joined them. It was about eight am, and he did not eat breakfast yet. The men had a gallon of "Apple Blossom Wine", real cheap stuff.

Gordon was drinking it like it was grape juice and soon he was drunk. Everyone noticed that he was slurring his words, and talking pretty stupid. One of the non-commissioned officers, a petty officer second class, who was his boss, came in and began to chastise him for being drunk. Gordon stood up, grabbed him, and threw him across the room. A major feat, because he was a big man. And just as  quickly, he was across the room and on top of him. The men jumped up and pulled him off of him. They tried to talk to him and calm him down. He became more and more out of it. He was not in a stupor, he was in a trance like state. They became worried and decided to take him for a ride.

They drove around Brooklyn and then over the Bridge into Staten Island, across the Island and over the bridge into Bayonne, New Jersey. They realized that they needed gasoline, and stopped at a service station. One of them got out to get the attendant to give them gas, the others got out to use the rest-room.

Pretty soon, the first guy came back to the car and said the guy was not going to give them any gas. Meanwhile a woman pulled up and he came out right away to give them gas. Then the other two guys came back to the car and said that he would not let them have the key to the rest-rooms.

All of a sudden, Gordon who was in a trance-like state got out of the car. He grabbed the hose and yanked it off of the pump. Went over to the rest-room and kicked the door in. Never saying a word. One of the men went to get him, they said that the man was calling the police. He ran back to the car, and Gordon turned and ran down the street and into an alley. They looked for him but could not find him. They had to leave town before the police found them.

They did not see Gordon again for three days, he had turned up at the infirmary in Bayonne. When Gordon came to, about three days later, he was in a coma, he was told a fantastic story to him by the corpsman. (Male Nurse). 

The corpsman said that a man brought him in, unconscious, and told him this story. He said that he was driving home by a gasoline depot, that had Hugh tanks of gasoline stored there. His ten year old son was with him, and yelled to him to stop the car, because he saw someone fall off of the fence into a brook. He got out and fished around the water, about two to three feet deep, when he found him. He said that Gordon was naked and about to drown in this little brook, which was full of sledge, oil and debris.

He took him to his house where he and his wife put him into the bathtub, cleaned him up, and realized that he was just drunk because they could smell it on him. They thought that he was just a little kid until they saw the dog-tags on him. They called the Naval Infirmary and took him in.

After investigating who he was and how did he get there, they heard from the police a fantastic story. A man from inside of the yard called the police. He was on duty in a fire tower, about 65 feet high. He said he saw what he thought was a young boy jumping off of the tanks. He would climb up the ladder and walk to the edge and jump. What made this so fantastic was that the tanks were 35 feet high, and that the boy was stark naked. He called the boy and coaxed him up into the fire tower, where he gave him clothes from his locker. All the time talking to him without even a murmur from the boy. Then he looked at the dog-tags on him and realized he was not so young, he was a sailor. He reached for the phone to call the police, when he did, he said that Gordon looked at him, then looked at the phone, quickly opened the door and jumped over the railing. He called the police thinking he must have killed himself, but Gordon was no where to be found.

When he awakened and was told this story, he told the corpsman that this was an impossible feat, because he was partly crippled and still needed a cane to get around with. For over thirty years, Gordon could not believe this story and never told anyone about it. But after learning the power of the sub-conscious mind he heard of women that would come upon the scene of an accident where they would lift a car up so that someone could be removed from it. When a woman would come upon the scene like this, they would go into shock, which meant their conscious mind was not there, they were in their sub-conscious mind which is all powerful and knows no bounds. Your decision, think what you may.

1964 --

However Gordon did not become aware of his psychic abilities until he was about thirty years old. He suffered two more concussions on the job as a trucker.

In 1964 while driving for a company called "Charter Bulk Service" Gordon was driving a small straight truck, (Tanker) when asked if he could drive an 18 wheeler. Gordon said "I can drive anything" So the foreman told him to take this new Tractor (Mack) and hook it up to this forty foot box trailer and take it to Philadelphia and call in after he was unloaded. He got into the Tractor, and having never driven one before, he decided to open up the glove box and began looking in the owners manual. He wasn't even sure how to start up the truck. That part was easy, but the truck had two transmission sticks and he did not know what to do with them. But the instructions were easy and he went over to the Trailer to hook up to it.

After hooking up, he started to drive away and noticed the trailer was not following and quickly stopped before he dropped it. He soon figured out that he did not hook up properly and was grateful no one was around to see what he did.

Going down the Turnpike he practiced using the gears. At first he would skip some while taking off, but quickly learned by the time he was in Philly (180 miles away)  how to shift the gears. It was a Triplex. You shift one gear shift four ways, and the other gear shift four ways, 4x4 = 16 speeds.

When he got where he was going they told him to back it into the slot. Having never backed up an 18 wheeler before he was quite nervous. He was thinking about hiring a driver to  back it in for him, but first he would try. He did it in slow motion and it went in the first try. He was now a bonafide Truck driver, self taught, and was proud of it.

They ran him all over the east coast, mostly with tankers. This was a lot easier to unload than a Box trailer (Van). In the two years he worked for them, he had three major accidents. Not with driving but with unloading. He was pumping off Methyl-Formcel in Clifton New Jersey when the operator in the warehouse closed the valve because his tank was full. He did not tell Gordon and he did not have a by-pass on his pump. Needless to say, the hose erupted and Gordon was sprayed with Methyl-Formcel. (Methanol and Formaldehyde mixed). To show you how severe this is, just get one drop on your shoe and you cannot sit inside of a room, you will clear out the place, This chemical will burn your eyes and you cannot breathe. Just one drop and he was soaked with it.

Gordon knew when he got sprayed not to open his eyes, and not to breath. It would cost him dearly if he did. Instead, he walked toward the tank, and he knew in back of it there was a water hose.

He sprayed himself all over with the hose, the men called for an ambulance but received a police car instead. They drove him to the hospital and on the way, both policeman became very sick, and with their windows down, they became very ill just by having Gordon in the car.

A second instance he was at Sea Land piers in Newark. He went there to pick up a container, it was a Tanker container. Before you leave there they put a seal on the container (square tanker) and they use a large piece of iron to batten down the hatch. The man then threw the iron over to the next truck, but it bounced off and came down and hit Gordon on the head knocking him unconscious, he came to in the hospital with a concussion.

The third time he was injured, he was unloading Chloroform in Elizabeth, NJ. This chemical weighs about 18 lbs per gallon. It is so heavy a product, you don't pump it off, it just gravity feeds. But once you open the valve, you cannot close it. The stainless steel hose will erupt. This is what happened to Gordon, he woke up in the Hospital again, because he was lying in  chloroform.

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