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1937-- June 14, 7:25 am, Gordon's mom called the doctor and said that there was a kick in her stomach. She just delivered her son Donald at 6:58am. No one knew that she was bearing twins. There was only one heart-beat. Yet, a half-hour later, she told the doctor that she felt a baby kicking her.

They had to knead and press on her stomach to see if they could coax Gordon out. Her mother had two sets of twins, so she sort of expected that she could have twins as well.

At 7:55am Gordon was born with a veil. (She did not know that a veil forewarned that the child would be psychic and destined).


Gordon nearly drowned while he was three years old, and had his first psychic experience at that time. While walking over a bridge with his Mother and twin brother, he stubbed his toe and fell into the lake. He can remember still how he was paddling his arms on the bottom of the lake. He remembers drinking the water as if it just happened yesterday.

He then felt like he was floating upward, past his Mother who was standing on the bridge screaming for someone to help her. She was holding his brother's hand tightly. He noticed a man running up the beach towards the bridge.


Then he felt himself going into a tunnel, and he was rapidly spiraling upward. He could see what he thought were hundreds of people calling him by name. Motioning him to come on to the light. He then saw a bright white light, and felt he just had to get to it.

But half-way to it, he began to spin backwards in the opposite direction. As soon as this began to happen, he became dizzy and sick to his stomach.

Soon he was lying there on the beach and some one was over him pumping his stomach out.

To him, it was a terrible experience returning to this life, but when he was dying, it was a beautiful experience.

When he told his mother of the experience and of all of those people calling to him, and he told her he knew them all. His mother said, who were they, he looked blankly at her and shrugged his shoulders and said, I don't know, I only knew them when I was there.

1943--When he was five, his twin brother hit him on the head with a large rock, he thought he 

was a bomber pilot, (he dropped the rock from the attic) knocking him UN-conscious, and landing him in the hospital causing him to have his second out-of -body experience. He can remember running into the kitchen and collapsing on the floor. His mother was screaming and he could see his body lying there. He saw all of the blood running down his face and was scared.

Then his Grandfather came into the room, picked him up off of the floor and held him to his chest while he dialed for the ambulance.

Gordon can remember going to the hospital, and he said he was actually on top of the ambulance. He was upset because he could not get inside with his Grandfather.

When they arrived at the hospital he was floating over everyone's head. This time no tunnel, no light, no people calling him. He then remembers sitting on top of the elevator and all of a sudden he says the elevator began to spin. He then woke up in the hospital bed. The spinning experience was just him spiraling back into the body. When he told his mother what happened, she said he was having a bad dream. 

He was not the only one in his family to have injuries. His oldest brother Ronnie was hit by a bottle at the fairgrounds during a bazaar. His cousin saw a spider on top of a beer bottle, so he threw another bottle to hit the spider, the top of the bottle flew off and hit Ronnie in the eye. They had to do emergency surgery to save his eye, he was only about eight years old. Later when he was a teenager, he was pretty reckless with his automobiles. He had many accidents. Cliff who owned the local junk yard, said that my brother was the chief donator of cars to his junk yard. When he was about nineteen he was walking home in the fog and quite inebriated when he was suddenly struck by a car. They could not find him, he was about one hundred feet from the accident. The car's speedometer was stuck at sixty miles per hour. He was in a coma with head, neck, arm injuries, and part of his face was paralyzed. 

Later when he was a truck driver he ran his truck into a diner, fortunately no one was injured. Another time he was getting unloaded and a steel girder was being lifted off of his truck, the cable snapped and the girder rolled off of his truck. It landed on him, again putting him in the Hospital.

Then there was his twin also getting into accidents. When he was eight, he jumped on a bicycle for the first time, rolled down out of a steep driveway and smack into a car. It broke several ribs and placed him in the hospital.

That same year, in the winter time, they lived on a lake. Their father was unemployed and they struggled to find food to eat. They would have to cut wood for the fireplace and lay down by it at night to keep warm. This was not easy for a family of eight. One night while cutting holes in the ice to fish, his father made him bring the axe back to the house. It was sharp as a razor and Donnie fell down on the ice while carrying the axe. It hit him in the upper side of his leg. Cutting all the way to the bone. He has a scar on his leg the width of the axe and two inches thick to this day.

The next summer, Gordy was lying or sitting in his wagon, while Dave and Marsha the other twins in the family of eight, were throwing rocks at a  yellow jackets nest. Gordy was supposed to be watching his younger brother and sister. Gordy always prided himself of how many rocks to throw before the bees would attack.

He yelled at Dave to stop throwing the rocks because the bees were swarming real bad and were about to attack. Gordy was about nine or ten, and the twins were not quite three. Dave insisted upon throwing the last rock he had in his hand.  Gordy said no, don't throw that rock, the bees are coming, but Davy threw the rock anyway, and when he did the bees came and swarmed them. The twins had over three hundred stings in their hair, face, neck arms and even their ears. They were immediately hospitalized.

Can you imagine the trauma the parents went through in their early years. 

When Ronnie was hit by the car, it was in December 1956, three weeks later, Gordon was in the room across the hall from him in the same hospital.

When they were twelve years old they would swim in a lake down the hill from their house. It was a lake not used by most people, but had a make shift diving board attached to a rough cement wall. The wall was jagged and would scratch to the touch. Well, one day they were playing king of the diving board.  Donnie was on the end and Gordy was attempting to push him off. Donnie was always bigger and stronger so Gordy usually would have to compensate for his size. He did so by slapping his brother in the face, and then push him off. This particular day it did not work, and Gordy turned around and ran off of the diving board. Donnie decided to take a short cut and  beat him to the end of the diving board. He leaped from the end of the board and missed the cement wall, and slid down the side of it.

He began to yell as he was holding on to the wall and said he was injured. Gordy ran back and helped him to climb up the wall, all of the while, wondering if it wasn't a trick.

When Donnie slid down the wall, it tore open his scrotum leaving him complete exposed. His testicles were hanging out of the scrotum. Gordy ran all the way up the hill to get help.

Another time when Donnie was only seven, he fell on the lake while carrying a very sharp axe. They would have to cut wood in the winter for the fire place. The lake was iced over)  and Donnie slipped and fell. It took a lot of stitches to  sew it up.

A year later he was at his Grandmother's house and jumped on a bicycle and went down a steep hidden driveway and went right into an oncoming car. His ribs were broke. It seems that the twins were destined for injuries.

When we were twelve years old we had to go to a Bible camp at the finger lakes in upstate New York.

On the way up there each kid had to memorize a passage from the Bible. My passage was John: 14:6  Jesus said:   I am the way the truth and the life, No man cometh upon the Father but by me.

While at the lake, I got out of bed early in the am, just about sunrise. I walked out to the lake and sat on a log. There I practiced my Bible verse. Suddenly, a light came upon me and I had a vision of Jesus standing in front of me, he was reciting the same passage to me. I felt like I was on cloud nine for a week. It really has not ever left me.

When I was in my mid-forties, I woke up one morning and there Jesus was at my bed again. He said the verse to me again. Then he told me to say it. He said think about this verse and share it with others. Because when I said that the first time, it was the Spirit of the lord speaking through me. That same spirit reside within all of us. No one can come upon your Father but through you, because your Father resides within you. You in reality are your Father. It is the other half of you. The better half, the spiritual side of you.

"I am the way", this means the "I am" that is inside of you is God, or connected to God. It is your Higher Self, the Christ within. And no one can cometh upon the Father except by you. Simple, isn't it. You could make the same message to everyone you meet. Unless it comes from within, no one will listen to you. It is from the inner you. The outer you cannot even comprehend.

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